The single most important SEO factor neglected by most digital marketers in Australia

//The single most important SEO factor neglected by most digital marketers in Australia

The average digital marketer in Sydney understands the difference between the 4 factors of SEO:

1. On-page optimisation (focusing on keywords and how they’re used)
2. Off-page optimisation (focusing on other websites linking to yours, a.k.a “link-building”)
3. Technical implementation (the “code” side of SEO)
4. Social Activity (Social profiles, shares etc.)

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Unfortunately, there’s a fifth factor that has just as big an influence on your overall SEO as any of the above factors. I say “unfortunately” because it is shocking just how few SEO “experts” in Sydney (and in fact Australia), actually understand this vital fifth factor:

5. Niche planning and establishment

This step entails researching which area within your industry is most receptive to SEO and also has the least amount of competition, thereby improving the effects of the four other factors of SEO. It should be completed in the research phase of a project.

What is it?

For example’s sake, if you are an SEO expert who wants to have a website created and optimised to appear on the first page of google, a quick pre-emptive search will show that there are thousands of other results already competing for the top spot, under the search term “SEO”.

Thus, the resources needed to outrun these results and identify as the top result in such a saturated market would require a very high level of investment – a level so high that it would probably only be worth it for a large enterprise.


From the outlook, it may seem as though a smaller SEO venture would have no chance at all to rank highly on the first page of google.

Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So how exactly do smaller ventures beat this?

The answer is specificity.



Instead of running head-first with guns blazing into a saturated market, identify a niche that has low competition and high search volume and establish yourself in that niche completely.
Instead of optimising your site for the term “SEO”, use long-tail terms such as

  • “Affordable Search Engine Optimisation South West Sydney”
  • “Affordable SEO Oran Park”
  • “Affordable SEO Campbell town”
  • “Affordable SEO for Small Business in Sydney”

Why will it work?

The amount of competitors in the search term “Affordable SEO for Small Business in Sydney” will be considerably less than the amount of competitors in the term “SEO”.

By specifying in this way, you’re increasing your chances of popping up as a top result on the google search results page.

The second benefit to this is that you’re capitalising on a market segment central to your business offering. Naturally, this increases the quality of your leads, as the clients you attract will have a good idea of what they want and are therefore easier to close on a sale.

Three tips to help establish your niche

Use these three tips to establish your niche:

  • 1. Pick a niche that is specific to your business (location and industry work well). Generally, people who enter these specifications with the search term are looking for actual examples of what they can purchase and will take less work to convert from a lead to a customer.
  • 2. Pick a niche you’re happy to build over time. Getting in the first 3 results on google will take time and therefore you need to pick a niche that will remain the same over time (one of the biggest mistakes we fix at Echelon are SEO choices that were established during promotional/seasonal offerings)
  • 3. Use the keyword planner tool from Google to measure and analyse your possible SEO terms for saturation (number of competitors) and search volume. The ideal situation is finding a term with high search volume and low saturation. Keyword planner is free to use and relatively easy to learn. Click here to use it now ( ).

If you have any questions about niche establishment or aren’t sure which niche to move in, contact us here today for a complimentary advisory session. Just mention this blog post!

What areas in SEO do you feel are most important? Can you survive without a niche in today’s market? Do you think SEO will play a bigger or smaller role in future internet marketing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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